Are Berets Business or Casual?

When you choose outfits for work days, have you wondered whether they are appropriate or not? We should look into it: formal hats are not a specific hat, but no one could guarantee such hats are totally appropriate to offices. Some would like the nudge the limits and try fashionable headpieces not only to the office, but also at the office. Certainly, there are many elements should be considered.

The first one is styling. What is the most suitable styling? One should keep fashionable looks while not shocking the office. One standard should be followed — opted hats should be extraordinary than only fashionable. Perhaps one dress hat of men is more suitable than a fedora hat. In other words, a woman derby hat may not strike at the office, but a retrospective fine woman hat will turn heads when you enter a room. In addition, methods of opting a hat also depend on other factors, such as dress code at the office and someone’s aesthetic in styling.

Hat Etiquette

In fashion, one should obey hat etiquette definitely. But, at present, we live in an era where almost all fashion rules could be changed and left. “Anything goes” attitude prevails in the time. In other words, no principles really matter in the age. For instance, one will not pair jeans with a hat in a job interview; one will not present at a formal party in a casual t-shirt. In the same way, what suitable for indoor scenes is more appropriate to social activities while, to a certain extent, is less to business occasions. That is to say that business casual hats may would work out well if one wears it at the office. Such etiquettes only apply to female who usually wear hats as accessories of ensembles. No matter in casual social occasions or in formal corporate occasions, it’s polite for men to remove hats when they enter a space.

Hat Etiquette
Formal or Casual Hat

Atmosphere is also important in opting headpieces. One should remember that any fashionable hat is useful to make a statement. But in a more relaxed and low-key company, these principles are not matter. When one takes a creative post in a company, no better methods to make a statement than striding into office with a fedora hat or other types of hat. There is no need to block harmful ultraviolet rays in a professional and formal occasion. The only thing one needs to do is to deal with bad-hair days. In a word, all above things depend on the environment you work. Although it is not formal enough for many occasions, business casual clothing is still the polish of a business environment. Some says this kind of clothes are to convey a good impression without a suit tie. On the contrary to a suit, one should avoid to wearing a button-down shirt, blazer and relaxed jeans in business casual settings. Compared with stuffy traditional suit, casual business is refined while keep polish of suit. One could choose comfortable clothes work in your home office.

What Berets Should be Worn in Europe

Enjoying a vacation in Europe is nothing short a dream for most of the people. Enthusiastic travelers heading for the getaway in life all know the importance of packing exciting items matching their excitement in a wardrobe. Certainly, gorgeous clothes are nothing if it could not match with exquisite accessories like a high-quality beret hat. But what one should wear for a trip to Europe. Please consider below helpful styling tips.

Go for Elegance and Comfort

Anything could not say “I am a tourist.” louder than a chic French hat featuring your favorite embellishments. Have a try to wear a totally different headpiece that one wears on the home turf as usual. Women’s felt hat, for instance, features a sense of glamorous European getaway, and show that one is really a style maven for any occasion. Women’s sun hats are also perfect headgear to block harmful ultraviolet rays. They are fashionable when you bask in sunlight or strolling around an old-fashioned Mediterranean county.

Impressing Rain

romantic hat
Romantic Hat

One would encounter with rainy days from time to time in case one plans to stay in the United Kingdom for a short term. Please keep yourself away from rain drops. A hat with wide brim is posh as long as one avoids the styling from Paddington Bear’s closet. Such a hat will add fashion flair to a tourist, no matter strolling around cobblestone streets or navigating a sidewalk in London. In the meantime, women’s bucket hat also brings some serious grace of Europe. Actually, bucket hats were prevailing in Ireland in the early 20th century for rain protection. At present, a variety of colors and materials have applied to bucket hat to meet demands in different occasions.


In the event that one would like to act like a royal, a fascinator hat is a good option. At many a royal wedding ceremony, striking and novel headpieces add fashion flair to outfits and finished one’s instantly glamorous look. Even Duchess Kate would be green with envy. For gentlemen in traditions, almighty men’s top hat is adventurous and channel some royalty. It deserves to be chosen for any occasion. It’s the most formal and debonair headpieces for men, also the boldest hat that will turn heads at the moment one entering the room. In the Roaring Twenties, a cloche also played an important role in fashion, because such a hat stood for a sassy style. In case one’s journey is closely connected to adventures, one may need something to get along the lines of men’s safari hat. Certainly, there is no need to wear safari hat in particular, because any protective and practical hat is able to meet the demand. For instance, A fisherman hat is chic and practical for outdoor activities in the vicinity of water.

Whether heading for oceans or wandering in offshore zones, perhaps you will appreciate fisherman hats for blocking ultraviolet rays. The facial skin will not be exposed to strong sunlight directly. Women’s bucket hat will be practical in such cases, too.

Fashionable Beret — Headgear Revealing Fashion Flair

A new fashion show is around the corner, which means we will enjoy a visual feast, including glitz, glamour, amazing fashionable outfits and accessories like a leather beret, felt hat, wool beret, etc. When appreciating striking items occupying center stages, one should weigh what is hot and what is items badly needed, forming a wishlist in your heart. One could find suitable headgear next time when addicting to a shopping mood.

Off Catwalks

All stares at Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid when they hit the party circuit. At the party of Mert and Marcus, two idols showed up in electrifying headpieces. Sexy berets on their heads are unexpected. One tops a hat in bold color, attaching  to a brilliant crimson buckle on the belt. One is an epitome of a black version biker chic. It’s very easy to add a sexy hat to fashionable outfits. Such accessories also evoke the newsboy, and all of them looks flawless, no matter headpieces are made of what kind of material.

In the event that one doubts the staying power of women’s French hat, you can rest easy and ignore it. Fashion week is a striking and influential stage, and each one wish to own a French hat. A designer, known for luxurious headwear, displays many choices through her models, spanning from extravagant bows to accessible fashionable hats. Both summering in Europe with a bucket bag and strolling around your garden on an insanely sunny day will make you look like a style maven in a beautiful hat.

A Throwback to the 19th Century

Most people could imagine that berets would come back on catwalks. Some streetwise collections are stuffed with ninties-inspired pieces, flooding onto catwalks in a big way during the fashion week. Whatever elapse of time and ebb-and-flow influence, there is always a place for relaxed and effortless women’s bucket hat in your wardrobe. Topping one before you present at a theme party or in a common occasion; fashionistas could also throw it on to prevent your hair traveling in every direct but down on a windy day.

The Prettiest Color — Purple 

purple beret
Purple Beret

On runways of the Fashion Week, the prettiest color was purple, which became a typical color in springtime. Whatever on heads or on feet, bright purple and its lively shade catch sight from public. The purple prevailing in every season is in different tones. Add the rich eggplant hue to a fashionable French beret if chill whether intimidates to cramp one’s style. In spring and summer, one could opt supple, lightweight and pale purple women’s beret hat if one would  like to make a statement. A shade of plum or grape would be better if one intends to opt darker colors in warm season. Its versatile appeal is benefit to wear at any time through a year.

Please choose a crush-able headpiece when you are preparing to hit the road or long-time flying. It is a great way to finish one’s ensemble with a bold women’s purple hat.